By Stephen M. Golden

Copyright © December 24, 1988


Little bird in the Cuckoo Clock,

doesnít see any reason to talk.

He just says Cuckoo.

Sings his song, he doesnít mind.

Always at the scheduled time.

He just says Cuckoo.


Cuckoo, Cuckoo, Cuckoo.


Doesnít have any time to waste.

Does his job and retreats in haste.

Is he Cuckoo?

Is it a commentary on mankind,

or is it just his way of keeping time

when he says Cuckoo?


Cuckoo, Cuckoo, Cuckoo.


Busy people surry all around,

their little lives turning upside down.

Look to a day when they can smile,

no time to rest for a little while.

Spend all their lives to get ahead,

they canít enjoy it until theyíre dead.

Are they Cuckoo?


So many people with emotional fire

do silly things out of their desire.

Is it a crazy means?

Is that what it seems?

The happiness it brings!

Is it Cuckoo?


Itís a shame when distance separates,

but sometimes, I just have to wait

For the Cuckoo to chime ó Many times!

But Iíll feel fine when I see you again.

Am I Cuckoo?


8-2 Cool Clean

6-1 E.Acoustic2