Fly Your Way

by Stephen M.


Copyright April 20, 1986


I see the mountain tops.

I see the valley below me.

I don't know which way you're going.


I want you with me, girl, but I want you to be free.

I want it to be your decision.


Now you should Fly your way.

Find your dream and be happy.

Fly your way.


And if by chance we're headed for the same place, we can be together.

And if you find you hold me in a special way, remember, my love is forever.

Together or apart, you've got to fly your way.


I see the pain inside you.

I know you want to do what's right.


But you've got to follow your direction.

I see a rainbow glisten.

I see the fresh new person that

you're going to be when you finally break through.