Lazarus’ Daughter

by Stephen M. Golden

Copyright © November 29, 1987


Well, I know Lazarus’ daughter.

I have seen the paradox of time.

She’s got a link with the past and the future,

and I hope she’ll be part of mine.


Surrounded by maze and mystery,

she sees with knowing eyes.

The radiant glow of her golden hair

can outshine any disguise.



I’m in love with Lazarus’ daughter.

She’s a treasure that’s hard to find.

With a smile that calms dissention,

when she asks, she cannot be denied.


She doesn’t need anybody. 

She chooses whom to give of her time.

She controls her own future,

and right now she wants to make it mine.




I’m in love with Lazarus’ daughter.

A thousand years and still I admire.

Every day I just want to please her.

She gives me my every desire.


There’s no way I’ll ever own her. 

I’d never want to calm her fire.

She’s a brilliant source of what I need. 

She’s the past, the present, the essence of time.