Light in the Shadows

by Stephen M. Golden

Copyright May 21,1988


Light in the shadows sets a whole different point of view.

Gonna put some light in the darkness tonight.

I've had the chance to see a different side of you.

Light in the shadows sets it right.


Some things have never seemed right between us.

There've been some sharp remarks.

Behind your eyes I've seen an evil demeanor.

Intent lay just behind the dark.



You know I always let you have your way.

It didn't hurt much, and made things seem to go right.

But pressure's building up, and I'm curious to what you'll say.

Let's get it out in the light.



Light in the shadows sets a different point of view.

Shine the light where it's never been before.

Up-turn the rock that's been home so long for you.

You can't hide there anymore.



You've been hiding your feelings from me.

Huh! You're the master of disguise.

You think you've got powers that the rest of us can't see.

You've been so clever with your lies.



Light up the shadows, tonight I'm gonna see.

We're gonna even up the score.

Expose your feelings and the secrets you've kept from me.

I'm not going to take any more.