Looking for the Light

by Stephen M. Golden

Copyright © February 1984



Looking for the light,

Searching for the only way.

People tell me different things,

and I get so confused by what they say.

Jesus is the Light, but how can I get to Him?

It seems they all are right, but the one clear way is dim.



Believe the Bible,

read His word,

listen to it,

and donít care what else youíve heard.


They all use Godís Holy Book.

Why is there a different look?

Men canít make up their own way, hear what God has to say.

When I read what Godís word says, all He has to say,

then I submit with open heart to His pure and righteous way.




Remember loveís the key

when you seek the righteous path.

Satan wants to get you down,

and others seem to hold you back.

Peace and comfort Jesus gives, He is always near.

Fill your heart with words of life, and His truth will appear.



Why donít you just believe the Bible?

Pick it up and read it for yourself.

God will speak, if you listen to Him.

Philosophies of men go up on the shelf.